The Company

It began over coffee in 2015 when David Beattie, Wendell Gallagher, Tom MacLaren and Norman Rafuse all recognised that it was time to do something that would make a difference in our community. Ideas flowed, were explored and thrown aside until they hit on the idea of a business that would provide employment, support the growing tourism sector, improve the image of Main Street and give a possible modest return on their time and investment dollars. The company, registered with NS Joint Stocks, was formed in July of 2017. Their goal? To open a small craft brewery and a bakery.

Working For Our Community

Working for your community begins with people. New ideas and new projects that will change the face of the community need public support and commitment. Almost as soon as the company was formed, invitations to be a part of the investor’s group  were offered to people from the community who had expressed support for the concept. As of September 2018, eighteen members of the community have invested not only their dollars but their belief that working together can create  positive change to their community.

Working management  of the company remains with the original founding four and will until their vision is realized and the operation is a success.

Management Team

Meet the company’s principle owners and directors. Each one brings a special set of skills to this business.

David Beattie, P.Eng – President
Born and raised in Fredericton, David graduated from University of New Brunswick with a degree in Civil Engineering and enjoyed a successful 37 year career with the ADI Group before retiring in 2011. In 1997, David and his wife Lori established Gillespie House Inn in Parrsboro and in 2013 opened BlackRock Bistro, a 40 seat casual dining restaurant and bar.

Norman Rafuse – Vice President
Norman was born and raised in Advocate Harbour where he completed his High School Education, followed by a two year carpentry program with Springhill Vocational School. In 1978  he founded Rafes Construction Ltd. in Parrsboro which employs twelve local people. Norman has a long history of community involvement. He is presently a County Councillor for the Parrsboro area, elected in 2016.

Tom MacLaren – Treasurer
Tom MacLaren is retired from the the position of Chief Investment Officer with an Atlantic Canadian-based money management firm.  Since his retirement he has been actively involved in several venture capital startups located in Halifax and Fredericton. Tom has been and is  an active volunteer in the community.

Wendell Gallagher – Secretary
Wendell graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, before commencing a 34 year career with Zellers and retiring  from the position of Regional Vice President. He currently farms blueberries. He is also an active volunteer in the  community.

This video features two thriving businesses in Parrsboro and the environment that anyone visiting the town might encounter.